Meet Sophia – The World’s First Robot to Get Citizenship

Sophia first developed two years back as a super-smart human-like head with a practical face that could flicker, look from side to side – and hold a discussion. The humanoid, which is designed according to Audrey Hepburn, was made by Hong Kong firm Hanson Robotics, and disputably turned into the world’s first robot to be allowed lawful rights.

Sophia Robot Has a Saudi Arabia Citizenship

Sophia is what’s to come. She is the primary humanoid robot to get the citizenship of a nation, Saudi Arabia. It is made by Hanson-Robotics constrained. There are a few other humanoid robots by a similar organization. Yet, Sophia is the ideal magnificence with cerebrum.


She has computerized reasoning, facial acknowledgment, voice acknowledgment, and visual information handling. So yes, we are as of now at that stage. Being an AI, it continues learning itself simply like a child continues gaining from the encounters. It is a product of forever and a day of diligent work.

It is a physical and better type of each and every individual’s sweetheart – Siri. Keep in mind how it gives expeditious and clever responses to each inquiry you toss?

Sophia Has Soared To Fame

As far back as her uncovering in 2016, Sophia has soared to fame. The robot has sat for TV interviews, showed up on the front of ELLE magazine, been ridiculed on HBO, and was delegated the UN’s first non-human “advancement champion.” In a service advancing a tech gathering, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia even presented citizenship on Sophia—an unexpected move, given the constrained rights stood to Saudi ladies and transient laborers.
Sophia may review the mindful robots in Ex Machina or West world, yet to be clear, no robots have yet accomplished fake general knowledge (AGI), or flexible humanlike smarts. When conversing with columnists, Sophia climbs her way through prewritten trees of reactions like a chatbot.

Sophia Is Very Expressive

Sophia’s makers contend thus that her expressiveness alone speaks to a noteworthy accomplishment. As per a distribution on Sophia’s product, profound neural systems let the robot recognize somebody’s feelings from their manner of speaking and outward appearance and respond in kind. Sophia additionally can reflect individuals’ stances, and her code creates reasonable facial developments. Hanson has since licensed the adaptable elastic skin that covers Sophia’s face.

She can mimic more 60 diverse outward appearances, track and perceive faces, look at individuals without flinching, and hold normal discussions. Also, she seems significantly more humanlike on account of a material that imitates genuine human musculature and skin that enables her to appear to be more expressive.

Artificial intelligence is making progress at fast pace. Pokemon Go or games like Pokemon Go are great examples of this modern technology.

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